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我的IP。 查看我的公開IP。 什麼是我的IP? 互聯網IP地址


What is my IP address?

你的ip是什麼? 您的IP地址是分配給連接到使用Internet協議進行通信的計算機網絡的每台設備的數字標籤

What is my IP location?

Is the latitude, longitude, city, region and country of an IP address. Where your IP geolocation on the world belongs.

How to change my public IP? How to change my private IP?

Your public ip, if is static, it only can be changed if you ask to your internet provider. If is dynamic you can restart your router or modem and wait. Then check if it has changed on this site. For the private one, you can do it in your router.

How to hide my IP?

You can use an VPN or a proxy. A proxy or VPN, is a server which use his IP to make the connections and then gives to you the response. No one will know you are the real visitor

What is an VPN?

It's a virtual private network connection accross to a public network. It is done to simulate you are on same local network of a remote network. It can be used as a proxy.

Can my ip address be used by someone else?

Yes, it can be shared across more customers of your Internet Provider or with more devices on home.

Can my ip address be used be traced?

Yes. All connections are logged.

Is my ip address dynamic or static?

Restart your modem/router. Check your external IP address at this site again and compare it. If it has changed, you have a dynamic external IP address. If it has not changed, you may have a static IP address.

Why my ip address is not pinging?

Unable to ping machine although you know the IP address it's cause is behind a router which blocks that type of connections or just the Operating System policy is not to respond.

Will my IP always be the same?

You can pay por a personal assigned static IP, but normally its dynamic.

Can my ip address change automatically?

If is dynamic it can change in a router restart.

Who is my IP provider?

As know as ISP, is the company to who you are paying for internet access.

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